Who we are

The Karamoja Women Umbrella Organization

Karamoja Women Umbrella Organization (KAWUO) is a women’s network that was formed in 2007 in Karamoja region by grass root women to build and promote the local women’s participation in Democratic Governance and Leadership, women access to Justice, women economic empowerment and HIV/AIDs prevention response through Lobby and Advocacy, capacity building, networking and partnership in order to achieve sustainable development.


“Empowered, Dignified and Informed Women of Karamoja in sustainable Development”


To empower and promote the participation of indigenous Women of Karamoja in sustainable development through, lobby and advocacy, capacity building, networking and partnership.


i) Coordination of women Activities in Karamoja

ii) Capacity building of district Networks. and Women groups

iii) Fundraising and resource mobilization for district networks and Women groups.

iv) Networking and collaboration with other partners at all levels.

v) Lobby and Advocacy on behalf of its district networks and Women groups who are the members of the Network.

Core Values

Equality: We treat men and women with fairness without gender discrimination and we strive to fight gender discrimination

Integrity: We are honest and truthful to the people we serve

Gender equity: We believe that all women and men are equal before and under the law; have equal dignity of person and opportunities in political, economic, cultural and social life

Accountability: We are accountable and responsible to our actions while considering integrity in our performance

Honesty: We are open in whatever we do and we are against all forms of dishonesty

Organisational Structure

1. The organization is governed by the General Assembly (GA) that is the supreme governing body comprising of all members of the Network. This assembly is made up of all the member organizations and women groups. It meets annually to give direction to the Network by planning for the next year’s activities. The GA approves all the activities of the Network. The General Assembly also elects the Board after every three years for three-year tenure in office and renewable for one more term based on performance.

2. The Board is the policy-making organ of the Network and is made up of 9 members elected at the Annual General Assembly. The members of the Board serve for 3 years and are responsible for drafting policies for the Networks as well as supervising the Secretariat in the implementation of the Network activities. The Board is made up of a total of 11 members (9 are directly elected by the General Assembly and 2 are ex-officio members) The 9 representatives include Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and 4 committee members. The outgoing Chairperson, as well as the Executive Director of the Network, are Ex-officio members of the Board. This committee is tasked with policy formulation of the Network as decided by the Annual General Assembly, reviewing of the progress of the Network and reporting on activities of the member organizations plus offering support to the Secretariat.

3. The Secretariat, which is the administrative arm of the Network, is headed by the Executive Director and comprises of other administrative, programme and support staff. It implements the activities of KAWUO and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Network. Staffs are employed on contract terms and have the responsibility of implementing the programmes and activities of the Network.